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Nothing says classic like a pocket watch

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Nothing says classic like a pocket watch
While smart watches are all the rage, Swedish design collective, People People have gone the other way. Rather than join the smart watch rat race, they have tried their hand at something a bit more timeless: a pocket watch.

Nothing says classic like a pocket watch

In a mix of minimalism meets old school, their whole reason for creating a pocket watch instead of a wristwatch was to go along with our society’s current behavioral patterns. Usually when one checks the time, they reach into their pocket to check their smartphone rather than flicking their wrist. Because of this, People People have decided to resurrect the pocket watch in the hopes that it will act as the solution to the smart phone pocket habit.

Nothing says classic like a pocket watch

Another reason for bringing back the pocket watch was the return of the three-piece suit. This return to the classic menswear style means that accessories of old are also bound to make a comeback.

Nothing says classic like a pocket watch

The minimalist design keeps everything simple, which is in fine tune with the device’s purpose. Its muted colourway shows that it’s not a piece to be flaunted, but rather a gentleman’s point of reference. The pocketwatch is of aluminum build, which allows for some weight but not too much so it won’t pull on the fabric. It is a lightweight design that teaches us that the return of the dapper, three-piece suited up gentleman is here to stay.
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