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Wall Art Disguised as a Radiator

Out with the new, in with the old
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Excellent radiator designed and produced in Portugal Fernando Marques
Wall Art Disguised as a Radiator
© Muuuz
Forget central air, it’s all about that radiator life. So if you want to look cool and feel hot this winter, check out Foursteel’s Black Diamond Radiator.

Usually radiator’s look like crap, partially because they are some relic from 1968. Unfortunately, they also seem to take up a huge portion of your apartment and thus command much of your attention and that of your guests. So, if you are actually in need of the services of a radiator, get one that can complement the style of your space and trick others into thinking that it’s a piece of art.

Wall Art Disguised as a Radiator
© Muuuz

Just remember to inform them not to touch the art. Available in hot water or electric radiator, the Black Diamond is also available in white, brushed stainless steel or gold.
More Info - www.foursteel.eu
Source - www.muuuz.com
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