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Tree Bench by Anton Alvarez

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Tree Bench by Anton Alvarez
Sometimes the nicest designs are a combination of a simple concept and simple execution. Case in point: the tree furniture bench by Anton Alvarez.

Anton Alvarez is a Swedish-Chilean designer based in east London. A recent graduate of the Royal College of Art's Design Products program, Anton, along with some help from the American Hardwood Export Council created the tree furniture bench using a portable saw mill in the very spot for the tree trunk fell.

Tree Bench by Anton Alvarez

Tree Bench by Anton Alvarez

Utilizing just three cuts, while smartly leaving a portion of the trunk for support and added aesthetic quality, the bench is a perfect front hallway addition, especially for those of us who like to style while putting on our shoes, as much as we like to style walking around in them.
More Info - www.antonalvarez.com
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