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Pilot Stool by Quinze & Milan

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Pilot Stool by Quinze & Milan
Stools suck if we’re being honest with ourselves. Generally speaking, the no back support having, no foot resting, leg swinging abominations are adult versions of high chairs without the fun. Thankfully, some designers actually think grown up seating is a good thing.

The Pilot Stool, designed by Patrick Rampelotto & Fritz Pernkopf for Belgium’s Quinze & Milan, utilizes a polypropylene foam for the molded seat and easily screwed in wooden legs for support.

Pilot Stool by Quinze & Milan

Coming in three different sizes (standard, kitchen and bar) and in black or white seats, provides just enough support for the relatively short periods of time that you would be in a stool, while also bringing an added touch of sophistication to your bar / island / breakfast nook. What about that foot rest though?

Pilot Stool by Quinze & Milan

Pilot Stool by Quinze & Milan
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