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A watch that doesn't tell the time

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This is probably the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Watches value and expense come from the parts designed to make it a watch. The movement ... Thisiscrazy
^^ yeah maestro invented it if anything derp
A watch that doesn't tell the time
There were a lot of questions the people at CLOT and Jam Home Made pondered on when they invented their collaborated piece entitled, the Watchless Bracelet.

With the busy city streets constantly on the go combined with the ever-changing trends and events, it’s inevitable for us to forget about the concept of time, let alone the functionality of a watch. All right, let’s take a vote — How many of us really wear a watch on a regular basis for the time? And how many of us just sport it for style? And honestly, let’s get real. Why check the time on your wrist when we all own a smartphone? So Japanese accessory maker JAM HOME MADE and streetwear purveyor, CLOT saw this as their inspirational intake and thus, generated the Watchless Bracelet.

A watch that doesn't tell the time

The watch’s face has no face at all— there are no hands, no numbers and no calendar. It completely defeats the common purpose of a watch by replacing its functionality into an accessory with the use of pure stainless steel bracelets in gold, silver and black colourways.

A watch that doesn't tell the time

Available for $361 USD at Hypebeast’s online shop.
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