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Sneak Peak: Reigning Champ x Converse

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Sneak Peak: Reigning Champ x Converse
Our friends at Converse and Reigning Champ have been working on a collaborative project for quite some time and they recently unveiled the project to us when it arrived at our office.

Reigning Champ, the Vancouver-based apparel brand that focuses on quality, fit and simple design, have strikingly similar characteristics to the iconic footwear company, Converse. Both brands draw influence from a sportswear theme, so it's only fitting the two have come together on this noteworthy project.

Sneak Peak: Reigning Champ x Converse

Sneak Peak: Reigning Champ x Converse

Although we can't reveal too much just yet, trust us on this one, the collaboration is real dope. Make sure to check out the details surrounding the launch event (Friday July 13th) happening in Toronto.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled as we'll have more information in the coming days.
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