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Hitting your local ball park to catch a midday game is one of the joys that summer brings. From the smell of freshly made hot dogs and overflowing (plastic) pints of beer, there are a number of reasons why an afternoon outing with the fellas is always guaranteed to be an enjoyable time. But while you find yourself surrounded by your fellow patrons who, in typical fashion, are wearing their usual team-supported apparel; you're probably better off supporting your home team by heckling the opposing squad, instead of looking like every other Fanboy in attendance.


  1. 1

    New Era On Field Yankees Cap
    $35 USD

  2. 2

    Reigning Champ Reversible Hoodie
    $128 CDN

  3. 3

    Key Ingredient
    HTC One X
    $169 CDN

  4. 4

    Bedwin Half Color Shirt
    $230 CDN

  5. 5

    Wings+Horns Tan Service Short
    $255 CDN

  6. 6

    Common Projects Original Achilles Low
    $355 USD

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Words by Michael Bercasio
Photographs by Greg Washington
Main Image
The Key

This HTC One X is available at Rogers for $169 CDN


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