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Timeout: Your Weekly Sports Round-Up (Week 20)

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Timeout: Your Weekly Sports Round-Up (Week 20)
Whether too early to know for sure, currently being written, or already concluded to triumphant victory, storybook endings were in full swing this week. And the best sports movies are always based on true stories.

Timeout: Your Weekly Sports Round-Up (Week 20)

May 15, 2012 – As far as storylines go, you know the MLB would love the story of Josh Hamilton, on pace to possibly unseat Barry Bonds’ asterisk home run record this year. For a league that was plagued by headlines of steroids these last few seasons, it would be more than nice to have a player come back from drugs of another sort and become the defacto hero of the record books. The Rangers have had their hearts broken twice in these last two World Series, and after two consecutive heartbreaks, you had to wonder how much time they needed for a recovery. So far the answer has been not much at all, but history is punctuated on how the season ends, not how it begins. But as of right now, the Texas Rangers are the best team in baseball with the best player in the league in Josh Hamilton. Read More.

Timeout: Your Weekly Sports Round-Up (Week 20)

May 20, 2012 – No matter where the series are at or what predictions were made, the second round of the NBA playoffs have been about heart. We’ve had the Thunder’s two comebacks, first down 7 with 2:00 to go to bury the Los Angeles Lakers in game two, then from 13 in the fourth quarter in game four. The Spurs were down 24 to the Clippers in game three, then remarkably came back to at one point lead by 24 and close for the victory. In game four of the Eastern semis, the 76ers shot 23% in the first half, and then chipped away at the Celtics lead to win the game and tie series up. And on Sunday, we had Lebron James and Dwyane Wade have one of the most incredible third quarter of highlights, scoring 28 of 30 in the quarter to lead the Heat to a game four victory and seize back home court advantage in the series. But with the amount of comebacks that have already taken place, these next few games should keep you from flipping the television off early no matter what’s on the scoreboard. Read More.

Timeout: Your Weekly Sports Round-Up (Week 20)

May 19, 2012 – Championships are usually a combination of two things: destiny and luck. For starters, Chelsea lost the last Champions League Final in penalty kicks in 2008. This year, they finished sixth in the English Premier League and seemed consigned to their bottom of the barrel fate. But after a poor showing in the round of 16 to Napoli, then rallying in the following aggregate games to win, the luck kicked in for the English squad. The next scene in the script was winning in penalty kicks to Barcelona (and because Lionel Messi missing a penalty kick is actual luck). Then in the Champions League Final, and after an incredible turnaround in the 88th minute to tie Bayern Munich in Munich, the stage was set for the vanquishing of a German team on German soil. FC Chelsea fell behind in the penalty shootout only to rally and avenge the loss four years before. Owner Roman Abramovich has always gambled on this combination of destiny and luck to unfold one day, and his investment of approximately 1.2 billion in his team equated to a championship story that is priceless. Manchester City knows what I’m talking about. Read More.

Timeout: Your Weekly Sports Round-Up (Week 20)

May 20, 2012 – Racing is probably not your thing. Well, pulling up to someone at a red light revving your engine probably is, but watching racing, probably not. Though no matter how uninteresting cars driving in circles would be (at least to the casual observer), when the best of the best get together any sports event is always much more compelling. Trust me, the Olympics are betting on it. The Nascar All-Star is not your normal race, where patience and car longevity is the key. No, it’s much more like a day at the horse track, or watching all the good scenes consecutively from Fast and the Furious 1-5. Speaking of locally popular sports and horse races, Canadian-owned and American-bred ‘I’ll Have Another’ won in the final furlongs at the Preakness to give him a shot at winning the Triple Crown this June. And if you’re under 40 and reading this I can almost guarantee you don’t follow horse racing. But don’t act like you haven’t heard of the Triple Crown. And sure these two sports are localized, but their commentators are the best in the business. Read More.
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