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Uniqlo Mountain Parka

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Uniqlo Mountain Parka
© Uniqlo
Are you on the lookout for a spring jacket that will give you the perfect amount of bang for your buck? If so, look no further than Uniqlo's Mountain Parka.

It could be a combination of their simple design and contemporary tastes, but when it comes to Uniqlo it's safe to say I'm a sucker for the Japanese brand. It's hard to imagine their products going out of style. Case in point is this Block Tech Mountain Parka. While being on the cheap end of things, this parka is anything but. It has all the frills to protect you from the wind and rain, looks good to last many seasons, and most importantly won't leave you strapped for cash by the time you leave the register.

Uniqlo Mountain Parka
© Uniqlo

Uniqlo Mountain Parka
© Uniqlo

Available for $129.90 USD at Uniqlo's New York locations.

In other related news, the Japanese retailer is expanding their American presence with their first West Coast location.
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