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Orvis Anorak Jackets

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Orvis Anorak Jackets
It’s one thing to find a deal, but it’s another to find a deal on an item that looks this good. Thankfully, the good folks at Orvis have some pretty nifty gems in their sale bin, such as this Ocean Point Anorak.

Orvis Anorak Jackets

Orvis has a long standing history of creating sportswear, since 1856 actually. And just in time for the latter half of Spring comes this Orvis Anorak. It seems like the anorak has been making a comeback as of late, and with lovely options such as this you can start to understand why. This packable, ripstop, water-resistant jacket is being offered in two colourways, and for $50 should be a no-brainer.

Available for $44 USD from Orvis' online shop.
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