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Mt. Rainier Freedom Sleeve Tee

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Mt. Rainier Freedom Sleeve Tee
© Oi Polloi
At first glance this t-shirt may seem like your everyday run-of-the-mill variety, but what makes this tee dope can't be seen, only felt.

While the contrasting front pocket is a nice touch, it's the weight of this tee that makes this piece a one of a kind. Made from 100% heavyweight jersey cotton, this seemingly ordinary tee is anything but. Designed to give you the warmth of a sweater with the simplicity of a t-shirt. Not the first of its kind, but definitely one of the nicest.

Mt. Rainier Freedom Sleeve Tee
© Oi Polloi

Mt. Rainier Freedom Sleeve Tee
© Oi Polloi

Mt. Rainier Freedom Sleeve Tee
© Oi Polloi

Available for approx $90 USD from Oi Polloi's online shop.
More Info - Mt. Rainier Design
Source - www.oipolloi.com
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