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Isaora Pullover Jacket
© Isaora
Designed with the mountains in mind, activewear company Isaora turn their attention to Spring attire now that the slope season has come to an end. This ivory pullover anorak should fulfill all the obligations of a spring jacket while maintaining the technical attributes that make the Isaora brand a go-to for outdoor enthusiasts, regardless of climate.

Isaora Pullover Jacket
© Isaora

Hailing from an extreme sports background themselves, designers Marc Daniels and Ricky Hendry channeled their fondness for ski and snowboard culture in creating the Isaora line. Merging high performance detailing with the lounginess of casual apres-ski gear more suited for those who prefer to do their socializing off the hill and with a drink in hand, their clothes combine the best of both worlds.

Isaora Pullover Jacket
© Isaora

Isaora Pullover Jacket
© Isaora

The pullover anorak features a water resistant, 100% nylon lining and shell. Available for $415 USD from Roden Gray's online shop.
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