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Ikea Uppleva Smart TV (Videos)

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Although the thought of ikea quality TV's is a bit unsettling it's a smart move by ikea. looking forward to checking this out in the ... a n d y
Ikea, most notably known for their space saving and cost-effective furniture has officially kicked off the battle of the smart television with their Uppleva TV.

Uppleva–meaning "Experience" in Swedish–is a forward thinking TV hub that hopes to answer to all of your home theatre needs. Running with that idea, the Scandinavian brand took the all-in-one TV stand to an entirely new level. Not only will the furniture come with an embedded blu-ray/dvd/cd player, surround sound, and built-in USB/HDMI ports, it will also come equipped with an HD LED television that is wi-fi enabled, and offers the ability to browse the Internet via its pre-installed Opera browser.

With TV sizes ranging from 24"-46", you can expect more details to be announced as we near its expected fall release date.
More Info - Ikea Youtube Channel
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