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Desile Folding Chair by Vange

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Desile Folding Chair by Vange
Is it possible for a folding chair to also double as an object of visual interest? As far back as I can remember, the folding chairs from high school were ugly and utilitarian at best. However, this version by Vange might persuade me otherwise.

Desile Folding Chair by Vange

Designed by Christian Desile for Vange, a Belgium based industrial design firm, the Desile Folding Chair is sustainable design at its finest. Made from bamboo and recycled PET (aka Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly used in water bottles), the chair is cut from a single piece of 20mm board and packs flat, reducing its environmental footprint at both the manufacturing stage and at the shipping stage.

Desile Folding Chair by Vange

The flatness also lends itself well to storage in your home, and as I alluded to earlier it can be hung on the wall as an object of visual interest. The super creative among us might even fancy painting the seat so that it appears as a face when hanging. I know that the truly sustainable way to go would be to forgo having an extra chair at all, but sometimes a man just wants to sit down, you know?
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