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Clarks in Jamaica

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Clarks in Jamaica
Adored by many, Clarks has remained one of the most popular footwear brands in the country of Jamaica and as such, author Al Fingers, is set to release a book about the cultural influence they've had in the country over the years.

Clarks in Jamaica

While growing up in high-school Clark Wallabees were the staple, at least on my side of town. Famed for its distinctive look and extravagant colors, the “Wally” is a cultural classic that resonates with a generation who grew up with 90’s hip-hop, a time when 36 Chambers reigned supreme. Who can forget the countless options: black leather on black sole, green suede or brown leather on a gum sole; I can go on for days. Experiencing a resurgence in the footwear community over the last few years, it’s only fitting for Fingers to take a closer look at the effect it has had on Jamaica, a country where it has been accepted as the “un-official” choice of footwear.

Clarks in Jamaica

Clarks in Jamaica

Available in select bookshops on October 16th, 2012.
More Info - Clarks Originals
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