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City DNA Vector Maps by Lu Xinjian

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City DNA Vector Maps by Lu Xinjian
© Lu Xinjian
When looking at “City DNA”, some might say Lu Xinjian is attempting to create an elaborate game of Tetris. But upon closer inspection, it’s clear he has x-ray vision.

Using Google Maps’ bird’s eye view of metropolitan areas, the Shanghai based artist has created “City DNA” by taking a combination of shapes–squares, circles, lines, curves–and colourfully stroking them over the buildings and onto a canvas.

City DNA Vector Maps by Lu Xinjian
© Lu Xinjian

City DNA Vector Maps by Lu Xinjian
© Lu Xinjian

City DNA Vector Maps by Lu Xinjian
© Lu Xinjian

If the finished skeletons still speak in mystery to you, a local resident may be able to identify their city based on the colour of the painting, as each was created with the colours of the city or national flag in mind. Ironically, Lu Xinjian strategically strips away the superfluous (some would argue artistic) architectural elements of each picture to create these works of art. The result? A clear view of what is at each city’s heart, and which focal points a city hopes will grab your attention.

City DNA Vector Maps by Lu Xinjian
© Lu Xinjian

City DNA Vector Maps by Lu Xinjian
© Lu Xinjian
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