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Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2012

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Dope. Love it. The ski mask was a very creative addition. Joseph Raphael
Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2012
Renowned portrait photographer Alex Telfer captures Nigel Cabourn's latest collection which replicates pieces based off Robert Falcon Scott's South Pole expedition.

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of Scott's successful campaign to the South Pole, its always been Cabourn's method to dig through historical archives.

Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2012

Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2012

Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2012

Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2012

Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2012

Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2012

Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2012

Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2012

In the best way that he knew how, Cabourn, in typical fashion created a facsimile of pieces adorned by the actual expedition team. In honour of each members perseverance in the face of extreme turmoil, all 13 styles bear their names within the collection.
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